About Termite Web

This site is about termites and details my findings about them, and also is meant to provide some helpful info on how to deal with termite infestation. You’ll find lots of termite pictures here too.

But this site is also meant to highlight a whole lot more interesting aspects on these insects, and feature many species which are NOT pests, and which are rare or will never be found in urban environments or human habitation.

Second only to ants, termites are one of the most numerous insects on earth (number-wise), but due to habitat destruction, and environmental degradation, some species appear to be declining. A few other species though, are thriving and proving to be troublesome pests, in increasingly man-influenced environments!

Very little is known about termites, and hopefully this site can be an online repository of information on them. As a whole, very little is known about termites, save for some species which are important from an economical point of view.