Why You Should Avoid Relying on Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Post Construction Termite Treatment: Advantages and Disadvantages

If your home has been infested by termites, you probably have used post-construction chemical termite treatment as an immediate remedy to rid your home of the infestation. In fact, this type of treatment has enjoyed widespread popularity for the longest time. Perhaps its major advantage is the ease it can be applied to structures, post construction. It is also relatively cheaper compared to pre-construction termite control systems.

However, using post construction chemical barrier systems also have some major disadvantages. Astrid One, a termite control company in Singapore came up with an infographic on the top reasons why you should not completely rely on post construction anti-termite treatment.

Prevention is always better than cure. It is always a better option to prevent termites from entering your home, rather than fighting the infestation after the termites have entered and wreaked havoc in your home. You’ll realize that it pays to be more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to termite prevention.

Pre- Construction Anti-Termite Installation as an Alternative

Are you building your new home, renovating or simply extending an existing structure? Many termite control companies will recommend the installation of pre-construction anti termite treatment. In some countries like Australia, it has been a construction standard that a physical termite barrier must be incorporated in all new construction.

The reality is, at least thirty percent (30%) of all building structures in a given city will suffer from termite infestation at one point in time. This means that each year, one in every three homes will be affected by termite infestation. According to field research, termites damage a minimum of 600,000 residential structures in the United States each year. Aside from causing structural damage to buildings and homes, a termite infestation can cause physical damage, thereby weakening the building and making it unsafe for occupancy.

Hence, baiting for termites, although more expensive, can be a better alternative.  If you’re building a new house, this is s a perfect opportunity to build the anti –termite barriers before or during construction. Be mindful though that this is not a Do it Yourself (DIY) project. For termite barriers to be effective and successful, you and your builders must work with a qualified pest control expert.

Save your home, stop those termites

Now that you know the scary outcome of termite infestation, it’s time to take action. You do not want to risk your home and become the next victim of these devastating small, but terrible creatures.

That is why it is important to engage the assistance of a reputable termite pest control company to handle termite infestation, or even better in preventing termites to invade your home. Save your home, stop those termites now!

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