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Ant Control using Boric Acid

Ants are ubiquitous household pests the world over. Several species of ants are known to be invasive species that have spread far beyond their native range. Species like the Pharoah ant (Monomorium pharaonis), Singapore ant (Trichomyrmex destructor), some species of red fire ants (Solenopsis spp), and Ghost ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum) are quite well known around the world. Fortunately, ant control is a much more simple affair compared to termites, and here we’ll look at one of the most widely used methods in ant control – the use of boric acid (or Borax).
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Asian army ants – Dorylus laevigatus

The army ants of the Old World, are mostly made up of members of the genus Dorylus; some of the most fascinating ants in the world. Their famous swarms have given them nicknames like “driver ants” or “safari ants.” Dorylus species range in color from rust to black, and are found from Africa extending eastwards into South East Asia.
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