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Interesting termite nest pictures

There is a vast array of termite nests, although you will only see most of these in tropical regions. Termite mounds are in themselves great engineering feats (which may give ideas to us humans in constructing self containing cities). Many species that build such interesting nests normally live in forested areas and often cannot survive near man, as they have specialized nesting/feeding habits and diet, so it not likely you will be seeing many of them if you do not venture into the wilds.
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Termite nest architecture

Termites are well known for their nest building activities, since they can be considered the premier architects in the animal kingdom. Nests can be above ground, on the ground, underground, or inside wood. Besides nest construction, termites tunnel and burrow extensively, so they contribute a lot to soil aeration and fertilization. In the tropics, termites play a major role in this regard (besides that of earthworms and ants). Termite subterranean tunnels can extend dozens of meters.
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Termite nests

Termites build different types of nests, ranging from subterranean ones underground to massive mounds that tower above the ground for meters. There are also termite species that construct nests on the branches or trunks of trees. The nests of termites are as varied as the species present.
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