Drywood termite damage

Drywood termites can cause heavy damage to wood if left undisturbed for a long time. The damage is correlated with their colony size. As the colony gets larger, the damage increases, even though it generally takes several years before the colony reaches a size large enough to cause noticeable damage.

The termites hollow out the wood in the process of constructing chambers and galleries, although the damage will be localized in all cases. The appearance of massive damage all over a place within a building, is almost always caused by multiple colonies of drywood termites, and not due to one single large colony carrying out all the damage.

These pictures are of damage by drywood termites from the Cryptotermes genus, although generally, damage caused by any species of drywood termite looks similar, and develops in a similar manner.

Drywood termite damage

Above – The typical appearance of damage from drywood termites.

Drywood termite damage close up picture

Above – Chambers and galleries are often relatively large in proportion to the termites themselves.

Drywood termite damage

Above – Wood that has been badly damaged by drywood termites will have their surface easily punctured through, revealing cavities beneath.

Drywood termite damage picture

Above – Another view of large scale infestation(s).

Drywood termite damage in furniture

Above – A chair damaged by drywood termites.

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