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Microcerotermes is a genus of termite that often builds distinctive arboreal nests made of carton material, although there are subterranean and mound building species as well. Their nests can be a common sight in coconut plantations, and seen attached to tree trunks in rural areas. There are about 22 species with a worldwide distribution.
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Interesting termite nest pictures

There is a vast array of termite nests, although you will only see most of these in tropical regions. Termite mounds are in themselves great engineering feats (which may give ideas to us humans in constructing self containing cities). Many species that build such interesting nests normally live in forested areas and often cannot survive near man, as they have specialized nesting/feeding habits and diet, so it not likely you will be seeing many of them if you do not venture into the wilds.
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Introduction to termites

Termites. Most people loath termites because of their reputation. But termites have been around on the earth for a very long time, and are essential to many habitats and ecosystems – Far longer than most creatures on earth today. Known as “white ants” to some folks, termites are most numerous in the tropics, but they are also found in many temperate regions of the globe. Read on to obtain an introduction to termites.
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