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Cryptotermes – Drywood termites

The drywood termite genus Cryptotermes from the Kalotermitidae family is distributed worldwide, originally from tropical-subtropical regions, but many species are now known to migrate far out of their native home range, via infested furniture and other wood pieces. For example, Cryptotermes cynocephalus native home range is in South East Asia, but has now been confirmed to have spread to Australia and even Hawaii.
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Drywood termites

Drywood termites are a group of termites that build their nests within moisture-free wood. They belong to the Kalotermitidae family (as are some dampwood termites) spanning several genera, and are considered primitive termites. Drywood termite genera include Cryptotermes, Neotermes, Glyptotermes, Incisitermes, and Kalotermes, but the most distinctive and widespread is probably Cryptotermes. Drywood termites are sometimes called powderpost or furniture termites due to being found commonly infesting furniture.
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