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Termite pictures – Prorhinotermes flavus

Prorhinotermes is a genus of mostly tropical, subterranean termites. The greatest diversity exists in coastal areas of South East Asia, often in mangrove swamps. Prorhinotermes flavus is one of the few species of termites that can survive in waterlogged mangrove swamps, albeit nesting in damp, rotting wood and is confined to drier, deeper soil in the mangrove swamps.
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Introduction to termites

Termites. Most people loath termites because of their reputation. But termites have been around on the earth for a very long time, and are essential to many habitats and ecosystems – Far longer than most creatures on earth today. Known as “white ants” to some folks, termites are most numerous in the tropics, but they are also found in many temperate regions of the globe. Read on to obtain an introduction to termites.
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