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Termite droppings

If you have an infestation of drywood termites in your home, usually the only evidence of their presence are the termite droppings that appear around woodwork, but there’s a whole lot of more to it. With termites, their droppings are either liquid or solid, and this depends on the type/species of termite in question. Also, did you know that termites are the only insects that make full use of their droppings in as many ways as possible, literally?
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Signs of drywood termites

Drywood termites can no doubt cause severe damage to wood if they are undisturbed for a long time. It takes several years before the damage becomes really advanced, because drywood termite colonies typically grow slowly, often taking 5 years to reach a mature stage. In the early stages, they usually go unnoticed. So how do you recognize the signs of drywood termites? What do you look out for?
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Drywood termites

Drywood termites are a group of termites that build their nests within moisture-free wood. They belong to the Kalotermitidae family (as are some dampwood termites) spanning several genera, and are considered primitive termites. Drywood termite genera include Cryptotermes, Neotermes, Glyptotermes, Incisitermes, and Kalotermes, but the most distinctive and widespread is probably Cryptotermes. Drywood termites are sometimes called powderpost or furniture termites due to being found commonly infesting furniture.
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