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Drywood Termite Control and Prevention Methods

Drywood termites are oftentimes a big problem, especially in coastal regions that are in tropical or semi-tropical zones. They seem to prefer coastal climates that are not too wet and yet breezy at the same time, and are the second most destructive termite type after subterranean termites. They nest inside wood that is often a part of a building’s foundation or structure. Or else, they nest inside wooden furniture and this often damages the furniture beyond repair. Their colonies are small, usually less than 1000 individuals, and scattered, making locating their nests quite hard.
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Drywood termite treatment

Dealing With Drywood Termites Drywood termites pose rather different problems than the much more common subterranean termites. Drywood termites can cause extensive damage to any wooden structure, although the damage progression rate is a lot slower. Unlike subterranean termites that live underground and need moist conditions to survive, drywood termites feed on wood that is located above the ground and dry. If the infestations are left untreated, wooden structures can be harmed to the point where they may not be able to be repaired.
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