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Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are termites whose mode of nesting is within soil. Termites have several modes of nesting, and soil nesting is the most common mode of nesting for many species. The other modes of nesting are arboreal nesting, mound nesting, and wood nesting. Soil nesting has many advantages for termites, and some species (typically from the Rhinotermitidae family) can be very adaptable in cohabiting with humans in human modified environments, like in urban and semi urban areas. This adaptability also puts them in conflict with humans.
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Coptotermes – The top subterranean termite pests

The Coptotermes genus have perhaps the most infamous termite species in the world. While there are many species in this genus, most of the differences between species are small, and can only be detected after careful examination with a microscope. Nonetheless, the Coptotermes termites can generally be distinguished from other termite species due to their appearance: Whitish colored workers, and soldiers with ovoid, orange heads, sharp mandibles, and pale body.
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