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A rather strange species of nasute termite

Some of us may be familiar with the strange nesting habits of certain animals and invertebrates; termites are no exception. Recently, I came across what appears to be a rather strange species of termite which I have never encountered before. This species of termite is of a nasute variety, and looks to be subterranean in nesting habit.
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Termite pictures – Longipeditermes longipes

Longipeditermes longipes is a single species forest dwelling nasute genus that is dark in color, and is often seen openly foraging for food on the floor of the tropical forests of Malaysia and Borneo. There is no other species in this genus; it is a monotypic genus. Their foraging columns may stretch for nearly 100 meters (330 feet), in which workers fan out from their nests in search of lichen, ascending trees and lianas to get to them, which they then chew into balls and transport back home in a seemingly endless procession.
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The Nasutitermitinae termites

The Nasutitermitinae subfamily from the Termitidae family of termites is a very large category comprising many species spread throughout the Old and New World, of which there remains some species yet to be identified properly. However, all the Nasutitermitinae species can be recognized by their soldiers having a pointed snout at the front of their heads, called a nasus, and in virtually all species, the soldiers are smaller than the workers in terms of size. As a whole, they are mostly small termites.
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