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Nasutitermes Care

Nasutitermes (from the Nasutitermitinae subfamily) is well known as the ‘cone headed termites’ because the soldier of the species has a head which resembles a cone. They have a range of colors and is a very interesting species to rear. A very few Nasutitermes species are known as pests, but many other Nasutitermes species act as major decomposers of large dead trees in forests. Because of this, they help to maintain the forest ecosystem.In this article, we will look at Nasutitermes care.
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The Nasutitermitinae termites

The Nasutitermitinae subfamily from the Termitidae family of termites is a very large category comprising many species spread throughout the Old and New World, of which there remains some species yet to be identified properly. However, all the Nasutitermitinae species can be recognized by their soldiers having a pointed snout at the front of their heads, called a nasus, and in virtually all species, the soldiers are smaller than the workers in terms of size. As a whole, they are mostly small termites.
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