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Complete Guide to Rearing Cryptotermes Dudleyi

Cryptotermes dudleyi, also known as the West Indian drywood termite, is a common and major pest in the world. Cryptotermes dudleyi is mainly found in man-made wooden structures and also sometimes in natural dry wood structures. It is native to Indonesia, Java, and exotic to Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Sri Lanka. It’s one of the more interesting drywood termite species to observe. Read on to learn about rearing Cryptotermes dudleyi.
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How to move a termite colony

So, if you decided to start your termite colony in a test tube setup and after some time the material you gave your termites to feed on starts to run out, or if the colony grows too big for the container or maybe there is a fungal/bacterial growth in the setup, you will have to move the colony immediately. Moving termites isn’t that easy to be honest, but once properly understood, the process is quite simple. Below is how to move a termite colony.
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Rearing Termites

Many people consider termites as a major pest these days; meanwhile some people consider termites as a good pet or even a good source of food for their pets (e.g. chicken, reptiles, ants or even other critters). This article is dedicated to the new section about rearing termites. Like ants, termites can be reared, although it’s more difficult in the long term, as they have different requirements to ants. Starting a termite colony is relatively easy and caring for your colony isn’t as hard as you might think – It’s the long term maintenance that can be challenging.
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