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Termite damage photos

In continuing from our recent post on termite damage here are more photos so you can see how termite damage looks like. These termite damages are all Coptotermes gestroi inflicted, and the damage extended to dozens of houses in one area of about 5 hectares (or more than 12 acres). Since all the houses were close by or interlinked, the termites (which probably comprised a few colonies altogether), ran rampant and caused a lot of damage. The damage was so severe that many of the houses could not be salvaged, with a huge drop in their market value.
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Termite damage

Termite damage is normally caused by destructive termite species. These destructive species are mainly of the drywood and subterranean termites. Coptotermes species probably ranks the highest amongst those termites capable of the most damage. In general, species from the families Kalotermitinae (drywood termites), and Rhinotermitinae (subterranean termites), are responsible for perhaps 80-90% of all termite damage worldwide, with Rhinotermitinae accounting for almost all the cases.
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