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What do termites look like

There is much confusion (even ignorance) among the uninformed, as to what exactly do termites look like. To set the record straight, termites have broad waists and a more or less, rounded body with no curves. They have straight antennae which are flexible and pliable. That’s why termite workers are able to clean their antennae by bending it at will at any time, by turning it into their mouths.
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Termite identification

Termites may be called “white ants”, but actually, termites can also be black in color. Termites are found in a wide range of colors depending on species. There are nearly 3000 species of termites in the world, but scientists cannot be sure of the actual figure, because most species are found in the tropics and in tropical rainforests, where there may be yet undiscovered species occurring. Among lay people, termite identification can be a slight problem, as they are often confused with ants.
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