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Termite pictures – Globitermes sulphureus

Globitermes sulphureus (subfamily Termitinae) is a species of termite that is common in agricultural areas and largely feeds on decaying natural, wood. It does not attack live trees but has been documented as occasionally attacking the wooden sections of man made buildings. For the most part, Globitermes sulphureus is confined to forests below 200 meters above sea level, and in plantations; almost never found in urban areas.
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Termite pictures – Macrotermes carbonarius

Macrotermes carbonarius is the only open foraging Macrotermes species and also the only black species, that I know of. It is found in South East Asia and parts of Indochina, but its range is patchy and it is only locally abundant. This means where it occurs, it is common, but where it is not found, there is no trace of them, even over vast swaths of what would be considered suitable habitat. It mainly occurs in lowland rainforest areas, but can be found in crop/agricultural plantations.
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Termite pictures – Macrotermes malaccensis

Macrotermes malaccensis is a large species of termite measuring about 17-18 mm in length from the mandible tips to the end of the abdomen (major soldier). It belongs to the genus Macrotermes (Holmgren), and is a subterranean species which grows fungus gardens in their subterranean nests, below ground level. Their size varies a little from one place to another though, with the low end size range being much more frequent.
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